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Recommended Resources

The links below contain recommendations of resources we think are particular helpful for Christian discipleship and growth. 

  • The Gospel – Resources for explaining the foundational beliefs of Chrisitanity.
  • Theology – Resources for looking at what Christians believe about God, the Bible, grace, and other important topics.
  • How to Study the Bible – Resoucrces on learning to read, interpret, and apply the Bible.
  • Worship - Resources on corporate worship.
  • Music - Recommended music.
  • Discipleship - Resources on discipleship and spiritual growth.
  • Evangelism and Missions - Resources on evangelism, local ministry, and world missions.
  • The Church - Resources on the church.
  • Relationships - Resources for singleness, marriage, and parenting.
  • Church History - Resources from and about influential men and women throughout church history.
  • Growth Group Resources – Books about Growth Group ministry, as well as some books studied by our Growth Groups.
  • Apologetics – Looking to answer objections to Christianity? Check out these resources.
  • Books for Children – Good books to help your kids love reading about Jesus and the Christian life.