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CFC Kids


ELEMENTARY: Elementary kids will continue the same pattern of sitting with their families during the first portion of our service. They will then be dismissed to their classrooms right before the sermon. We escort them back into the service after the Lord's Supper.

PRESCHOOL: Please talk to your Growth Group leader about which week you have a CFC Kids room available. If you are a member who is not in a Growth Group, please contact Ryan Adams to discuss a few options.

VISITORS: We do have a visitor's room available every week, but if possible you can help us out by registering your child beforehand. A link to do so can be found on the rotator on our home page. PLEASE NOTE: We are asking that kids in this room be able to sit up on their own, and preferably be able to crawl.

Children Are God's Gift!

It doesn't take long at Christ Fellowship to tell that we love children! God's word tells us "Children are a heritage from the Lord" (Ps. 127:3), and the Lord has been kind to bless our church family with a whole lot of kids! As a church, we recognize that this great blessing also comes with the great responsibility of telling the coming generation about the glorious deeds of the Lord (Ps. 78:4).

Partnering with Parents

God ultimately calls parents as the chief disciple-makers of their children. We aim to come alongside parents by offering intentional, purposeful, directed discipleship any time children are in our care. In addition, we want to be a resource to parents, pointing them to the best resources, meeting with them to help think through discipling their children, and helping in any way we can. You can go here for Christian books your children will love.

Registration and Child Safety

When you arrive at CFC, please go to the check-in table in the main lobby. There, one of our CFC Kids volunteers will check your child in for the day. Children in preschool and younger will get a nametag that they will wear while they are in CFC Kids. Parents will have an accompanying security tag that they will need to provide at the end of the service in order to be able to check their children out of class. Please note that we serve a snack each week. Be sure to let the check-in team know if your child has any allergies or medical needs we should be aware of.

View our Child Protection Policy here.

Ages 0 – Pre-K

Kids who have not yet entered kindergarten are invited to spend the entire morning in the CFC Kids area. Each classroom has a primary teacher who is prepared to engage your child with a Bible story and intentional activities, such as games and crafts. We desire to help your child learn these stories and begin walking with the Lord. 

Kindergarten – 5th Grade

Kids in kindergarten up to fifth grade will begin the morning worshiping with us in the main worship room. We believe it is important for our children to begin to see what it looks like to worship the Lord, confess our sins, see baptisms, and live together as a church. Before the sermon begins they will be dismissed back to their classrooms. Each class has a primary teacher that will continue to help kids learn the stories of the Bible and dig deeper into the Bible stories they know. Kids in these classes will be brought back into church following the sermon so they can watch us observe the Lord's Supper, and participate in other parts of the service like saying the Lord’s Prayer, giving tithes and offerings, and singing the doxology.

If you have any questions, please contact kids@cfcbirmingham.org.


1) Can my child stay with me throughout the service?

Absolutely. This is totally up to the parent's discretion.

2) Who staffs CFC Kids on Sunday mornings?

CFC does! In every class we have a primary teacher who has been through teacher training. They teach once a month. The rest of our adult volunteers are members of our Growth Groups. In compliance with our Child Protection Policy, all adults are background checked before serving, and thanks to the leadership of the CFC Kids Team, they are prepared with a Bible story lesson, crafts, games, and more to help teach your kids the Word of God! 

3) Is there a place for nursing moms?

Yes! If you have a cover, you're welcome to nurse in the sanctuary if you'd like. For a little more privacy, we have a cry room that is accessible from the main hallway. We also have a curtained off area in the Red 1 room in the CFC Kids area if you prefer.