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Equip – Race, Politics, and the Gospel (1)

Starting September 14th from 7:30-8:30 pm, we will begin an eight-week study on Race, Politics, and the Gospel. Sessions will meet at in the sanctuary and be live-streamed on our YouTube channel here. A schedule of the class can be found below, along with links to the notes and video for each class. You can view an annotated bibliography of some of our works consulted in preparing for this class here.

Class Outline

Class #1 - The Bible and Race – What is race, and is there such a thing in the Bible?  In the class, we’ll explore the Bible’s teaching on the image of God, trace the development of the nations, and consider the goodness of diversity in the church. (Download Notes Here; View Video Here)

Class #2 – The Bible and Slavery – In the struggle against racism, the Bible is touted as a force for seeing the dignity in every person. But are there some texts in the Bible that actually pose a problem for this view? In this class, we’ll explore the way the Bible talks about slavery and ask an important question: Is our Book a tool of oppresssion, of liberation, or of something else entirely? (Download Notes Here; View Video Here)

Class #3 – History – Sadly, both America in general and the American church in particular has been complicit in racial oppression and strife. In this class, we’ll explore the history of racism in America (with a particular focus on Birmingham) and the history of racism in the church (with particular attention to the SBC). (Download Notes Here; View Video Here)

Class #4 – Lament – Few topics elicit as strong of a reaction as racism. Stats and anecdotes and more are hurled back-and-forth in heated debate. But what if we looked for a new or better starting point? In this class, we’ll consider the goodness and wisdom of approaching racial discussions from a place of lament. (Download Notes Here; View Video Here)

Class #5 – Listen – How do we enter into the pain and hurt of others without listening to them? Truthfully, we can’t, so there is great value in simply hearing others tell their stories. In this class, we’ll listen to a brother in Christ speak from his own experience. (View Video Here)

Class #6 – Let’s Get Political – Race and politics are inextricably intertwined in the American experience, but not everything that is political should be political. In this class, we’ll explore the issue of race through the lens of politics, identifying what is not partisan and acknowledging those areas where Christians simply disagree. (Download Notes Here; View Video Here)

Class #7 – Leverage – So, what should we do? How can we process what we’ve heard and press into meaningful action. In this class, we’ll think through right, wrong, and possible ways to respond. (Download Notes Here; View Video Here; View the Annotated Bibliography Here)