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In the Foundations sermon series, we will explore what the Bible is calling us to commit to as a chruch. In it, we hope to think Biblically about the mission, the vision, and the values of CFC. Below are Growth Group discussion guides to aid leaders in discussing and applying the truths covered in each of the services. 

  1. Our Mission - We exist to make disciples of Christ who love God and love their neighbor.
  2. Our Vision - To see the gospel spread into every corner of our lives and every corner of the globe.
  3. Our Values: Authentic Worship - God is infinitely glorious and worthy of all our affection, worship, and praise. We desire to exalt Christ on a weekly basis corporately and on a daily basis personally. All of life is to be lived before God and for God.
  4. Our Values: Biblical Truth - God’s Word is true, and in His Word we find life. We desire to hear from God’s Word each week, allowing that Word to lift up our hearts in praise and to shape our lives in obedience. We want the reading and preaching of the Bible to reverberate in our lives, creating a Christ-honoring walk and witness.
  5. Our Values: Sanctifying Community - Our sinful instinct is to hide—to hide our failings, to hide from one another, and, ultimately, to hide from God. To fight that instinct, we desire for every member at CFC to engage intentionally honest, hopeful, Christ-centered community where they can find the grace, healing, strength, and encouragement they need.