Effective May 30th, we are updating our worship guidelines in light of changing mandates and increasing vaccine availability. Click here to read about what to expect. 


Updated Worship Protocols

We wanted to give you an update on our worship gatherings in light of changing mandates and increasing vaccination availability. The elders are recommending that we plan to transition to relatively normal services by Memorial Day weekend, Sunday, May 30th. The reason for choosing that date is that a date that far out gives most of our church the necessary lead time to get a vaccine, if they want it for church attendance.

What these changes will look like on May 30

  • Masks will be optional.
  • There will be less ushering.
  • Physical greetings will return in the service.
  • We will put coffee out.
  • We will reduce the distance between chairs as well as add more chairs to try to allow some spacing where desired.
  • Communion will stay the same, with fellowship cups at every seat.
  • CFC Kids will maintain the current pod system. 

What this will look like between now and May 30

  • We will ask that masks still be worn upon entering, exiting, and singing, but we are not making any recommendation beyond that as far as sermon time or prayer. (Masks on if your legs or your lips are moving).
  • We will no longer send out an RSVP.
  • We will no longer dismiss by seats.
  • We will no longer do a contact tracing photo.

What will stay the same beyond May 30

  • We will maintain an outdoor service for those who choose it. In the event of inclement weather, we will move that service inside to the fellowship hall and require masks and distancing in that gathering.
  • The livestream will continue to be available.