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We're Moving... For Real. Some Reminders and Info.

New Location-2

Well, what began as a discussion in the spring of 2017 is now a reality in the closing weeks of 2018. We plan to have our first service there this Sunday, December 16th. God has been kind in His provision and guidance throughout, and to Him belongs all the glory. All of it. As we prepare for our first Sunday there, here are a few reminders and important pieces of information:

Time and Place

Worship will begin at 10:30, as it always does. Pre-service music will start around 10:25. Please arrive earlier than usual, if you can. And, as an incentive, we’ll have coffee provided! Also, the official address is 76 Green Springs Highway, Homewood, AL 35209, in case you need to send it to someone.


We believe the parking lot will be newly striped, although that’s still on the to-do list for Creature this week (weather permitting). In any event, there are old stripes, so that should not be a huge issue. Do remember that the entrance from Valley Avenue is not smooth (laughable understatement), so treat it like an inverted speed bump! Whenever the rest of the parking lot is striped, that will be striped as well for the sake of safety and caution. You’ll thank us later. :)

As a reminder, the main entrance is on the side of the building opposite Green Springs (to the left of the cross as you stand in the main parking lot). The construction of the plaza will not be finished, but it will be cleaned and accessible for entrance.

Social Media and Word of Mouth

Please help us out with communication about our move. We assume most members know, but not everyone in Birmingham is hanging on every happening at CFC. We will post a notice at Rosewood, but we’d like to prevent anyone from showing up at the wrong place. So, please share or like our posts on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.


This is a great opportunity to invite people to church. Please pray about who God would have you to invite. Are there lost or unchurched people you’ve been praying for or that God has been directing you towards? Why not mention it to them this week? And if they can’t come Sunday, invite them next Sunday or to our upcoming Christmas Eve service.

CFC Kids

For kids check-in, just head straight to the kids’ check-in desk (at the end of the main hallway). We’ll take care of you and your kids from there like normal.

Under Construction

Not everything will be completed by Sunday, but we knew that would be the case. Please be understanding and aware of that. Like moving into a new home, there are always things to do past the move-in date. Almost everything on the interior is finished, but there are still several items remaining on the outside.

Last… Pray, Come, and Worship

“Apart from me you can do nothing” (John 15:5). But what if we build a building? “Apart from you can nothing.” But what if we have new things and new technology? “Apart from you can nothing.” “But…”, well, you get the picture. We can’t do anything of kingdom significance apart from the Lord’s help. Would you join me in praying for God to work among and through us, both this week and in the years to come? Something can be done. Opportunities are before us. But the Lord must do it. And is there anything more thrilling than being used by the Lord?

So, let’s ask the Lord to come and move and work. And, in the midst of that, let’s do what we’re called to do all along. Let’s gather together and praise the Lord for His grace. And not just His grace in giving us a building, but much, much, even infinitely more, His grace in giving us His Son. After all, it is Christmas time! How could miss that?

Thankful for you and blessings upon you in Christ!